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As a bookshop owner, Leah continues to build lasting connections within the community working with Loudoun Education Foundation, Loudoun Literacy Council, Loudoun County schools, and other organizations striving to keep books a vital part of Loudoun. She creates a space for local and aspiring authors to connect with readers, story time for kids, and book clubs for everyone. Check out how you can get involved below!

we proudly support our local community & businesses

We frequently host events to donate books to local organizations. Check out a few we've donated to this year. 
All Ages
Read Together
Educating children in need with free preschool programs in their communities
Loudoun Education Foundation 
Helping Loudoun’s public school students reach their full potential.
Loudoun Literacy Council
Teaching English communication skills & providing literacy resources to empower low-income adults & children
Fredrick Douglass Elementary School
Our Local Public Elementary School in Leesburg, VA
Black History Committee of
Friends of
the Thomas Balch Library

Selling  books about prominent Black Loudouners

non-profits we work with

Local Authors
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Ann marie Stewart
Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 12.32.09 PM.png
Andrea Lamont
Laura Renauld
Eva v. Gibson
Tara Hewan
Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 12.37.30 PM.png
Captain Laura Savino
Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 12.28.09 PM.png
Laura Flecha
Screen Shot 2021-11-09 at 9.14.54 AM.png
Debra Shumaker
Danielle Nadler
Karen Schaufeld
Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 12.35.46 PM.png
Francine Piriano-Davila
Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 12.25.43 PM.png
Ada Ari
Screen Shot 2021-11-09 at 9.12.32 AM.png
Erin Teagan
Screen Shot 2022-05-20 at 12.23.20 PM.png
Sharon Brown & Heather Hough

Our Local

Local Artists

little free library

The largest book-sharing movement is happening right in your backyard!
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Expanding access to books to everyone in your community, the Little Free Library is a series of permanent book stands sponsored by the people of your community stocked with donated books. Check out how you can get involved!

Little Free Library
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