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Paperback release October 29, 2024


From bestselling historical true-crime author Sharon Virts comes a gripping tale of murder and deceit.


In Reconstruction-era Baltimore, members of the city's elite keep turning up dead. Below the polished surface of high society, there are illicit affairs, jilted lovers, financial hardships, and countless motives for murder. When Jane Gray Wharton's husband, Ned, dies unexpectedly while overnighting at his brother Hank Wharton's home, Jane has no reason to question the circumstances of his death. But on a visit to the same home a few weeks later, both Jane and her daughter fall gravely ill, and Jane begins to suspect foul play.


Though a respected chemist and former nurse, Jane is haunted by a history of delusion, loss, and institutionalization. As the unexpected and devastating deaths begin to multiply, Jane's grip on reality starts to slip. When a respected army general falls terribly ill after visiting Hank's home, Jane's greatest fears become all too real. The time has come to act--but who will believe her? And can she even trust her own mind?


Inspired by true events involving one of Baltimore's most powerful families, The Grays of Truth is the story of one woman's quest for answers in her fight for redemption--and to save the man she loves.

The Grays of Truth by Sharon Virts

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