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Paperback Releases May 7, 2024


The author of the "full of heart" (Ali Hazelwood, New York Times bestselling author) The Stand-Up Groomsman returns with a charming and clever rom-com about a young woman's desperate attempts to fend off her meddling mother...only to find that maybe mother does know best.


Mark Chan this. Mark Chan that. 


Writer and barista Emily Hung is tired of hearing about the great Mark Chan, the son of her parents' friends. You'd think he single-handedly stopped climate change and ended child poverty from the way her mother raves about him. But in reality, he's just a boring, sweater-vest-wearing engineer, and when they're forced together at Emily's sister's wedding, it's obvious he thinks he's too good for her. 


But now that Emily is her family's last single daughter, her mother is fixated on getting her married and she has her sights on Mark. There's only one solution, clearly: convince Mark to be in a fake relationship with her long enough to put an end to her mom's meddling. He reluctantly agrees. 


Unfortunately, lying isn't enough. Family friends keep popping up at their supposed dates--including a bubble tea shop and cake-decorating class--so they'll have to spend more time together to make their relationship look real. With each fake date, though, Emily realizes that Mark's not quite what she assumed and maybe that argyle sweater isn't so ugly after all...



Love, Lies, and Cherry Pie by Jackie Lau

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